All the Puff-Style Teams (Some Created For Thunder Studios)

Girl Teams

The Powerpuff Girls, The Strongershine Girls, The Shadowpuff Girls, The Powerpunk Girls, The Strongersharp Girls (Bear, Bomb, Brenda, and Bake), And The Sunpuff Girls (Brenda, Beach, and Bark.),

Boy Teams

The Rowdyruff boys, The Dragondark boys (Buddy, Blaine, Bandana, and Buff.), The Dragondone Boys (Beetle, Benny, Ben, and Baffle), The Rowdyright Boys (Blake, Bash, and Breaker), The Superruff Boys (Blaine, Backer, and Bull), And The Secretruff Boys (Bunt, Buffer, and Bard.),


The Rowdyrunk Boys

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