Raven Roth



Hair Color


Eye Color

Blood Red







Sam (Deceased), Tucker (Deceased), Valerie (Deceased), Mandy
Dan Phantom (Ex BoyFriend)
Danny Fenton


Arelle (mother Deceased)
Manny Fenton (nephew)
Christina (daughter)
Daniela Fenton (niece)
Dan Phantom
Grim Jr (nephew) Minnie ( niece)


Dan Phantom





Raven Roth is Maria future form self she fell in love with danny fenton and had a relationship with him but after he cheated on the c.a.t and the deaths of there friends and and his family both was order to live with vlad Masters danny arch enemy but things did not go well when ghost danny went berserk and took vlad ghost half out from him unfortunately his evil ghost side overdoom Danny's good side which create of dark Danny after that dan went ballistic and beserk which his first attack was killing his human self and destoryed vlad entire manson she is a really sweet and kind just like Maria millet but her sad and sorrow got the best to her she will never be heartless like her ex boyfriend Dan Phantom she sill love him but there love for one and another has been gone two soon in grim Tales raven is under control of her evil persontily evil alternate personality, dark raven, she is the main antagonist of the season. and starts to have romance with dan again


in an alternate timeline, Maria and Danny was high school sweethearts they use to be madly inlove which each other just like there pastselfs but danny used his ghost powers to cheat on the C.A.T (Career Aptitude Test). Suspicious of Danny Maria was upset at him for cheating on the test, Mr. Lancer called The Fentons to the Nasty Burger for all a meeting. Along with Danny were Tucker, Sam, Jazz, Maddie Fenton and Jack as well. Unfortunately, the Nasty Burger's vat of condiments exploded at that time and caused the deaths of Danny's family, friends, and teacher. As a result, the grief-stricken maria was upset and sad for the deaths of there family and there friends and danny was upset just as well maria and danny was forced to move in with there arch enemy, Vlad, seeing as "he was the only person left on the planet who could possibly hope to understand his situation.

as danny ask vald to remove his feelings to take the pain away vald respect his request and remove his ghost half became enraged, ghost Danny went beserk removing Vlad's ghost-half and inadvertently merging with it, in an attempt to defeat him. Unfortunately, Plasmius' evil side dominated over shadow and over doom Danny, resulting in the birth of Dan Phantom. His first act of malice and insanity was the murder of his human half and blowing up Vlad Masters' entire mansion before unleashing ten years of pain and destruction on both the Earth and the Ghost Zone. As Maria survive the exploring and looking for danny but watch the horror what in her eyes trying to wake up danny as she calling him she now realize that he was dead right in her eyes and watch the monster that she so call fell in love Which of ending there relationship now Raven gonna destoryed Dan Phantom and avarice her boyfriend death.

The Search

Ten years in the future of Amity Park after ghost danny kill his human half She and Valerie Gray shield the town so dan wouldn't find her but Unfortunately dan had finally find Raven as always banned him from ever seeing her again dan however love the pain pleasure raven was giveing him dan had enough of waiting for her to take him back but wanted her to fear him more he use his ghostly wail to destroyed the shield while everyone watch in fear raven and Valerie run to danny home with his family use to live trying to run and hide to get away from her crazy evil ex boyfriend and put Valerie to safety in the Fenton house but dan use his ghostly wail again as they both watch befor he attack his words was to her Dan - ( hello Valerie and good bye) bleast them while they was in his own home clockwork how ever watch what was happening to future danny grow up to become the most powerfully evil ghost in the world send his team to kill past danny so he won't turn into him.

misunderstanding and mistake

Maria appears again when danny came into the future world and start to attack her past boyfriend thinking He was her ex she attack him and was gonna to put an end to her sad past but sam and tucker stop her realize seeing her two dead friends from the past appears right infront of her crying and yelling about 10 years ago on the c.a.t test which was the last time She saw Them alive talk about the time they was with her danny family and Maria began to cry about her dead boyfriend saying it was all his fault but it wasn't danny who done it it was his older jerk self Maria began to fight danny evil self but was scared to not see her old friends die again dan use his ghostly wail to kill them but they escape from the crush just in time Maria told past danny to escape as well but dan wouldn't let him do it he place his time necklece in him so he wouldn't leave.

Stoping His Plans

Maria woke up not knowing what her crazy evil boyfriend was going to do but realize that ivy was behind This as well danny and Maria look at her as she grown even more evil as ever evil danny disguises himself by turn into his fourteen year old human form self as ivy did as well throw past danny past Maria and her future self into the ghost zone from ruin there plans travel back in time evil danny look at the nasty burger was ready to explored but his past friends came and was happy to see him ask if he beat his future older jerk self lie to them saying be beat him and he lost to him while ivy watch there evilness goes as plan.

Meanwhile past danny and Maria was not was not happy two see there old emery's attack them all one by one while future danny went in his room his sister was mad at danny for takeing the c.a.t test but she was happy that she know he was a half know as half ghost half human but Dan and ivy how ever was turn back to there evil form and answer the first question to the c.a.t by knocking out jazz

she wrote a note to find past danny and Maria danny blow his emery's away by his ghosty wail and saw the note went to old a sad future vlad was shocked to see future Maria was alive told they story how dan was born after the story danny forgive vlad and took him back in the past after evil ivy and evil dan cheat on the c.a.t test and meet the Fenton's at the nasty burger jazz stop danny just in time and start there evil plans even more but danny made it just in time hit Dan and told his parents and teacher he wasn't never gonna turn into him.

The Final Battle

Ivy was shocked to see Maria again she use her attack on her danny fight against his future self dan ask his past self what makes him think he can change his past danny told him he promise His family but Dan mockes him and which danny use his ghosty wail but unfortunately to Dan he couldn't use that move for 10 years by now danny use it again at him but dan was two weak to attack his past self realize he underestimated her past boyfriend trapped him in the Fenton Thermos Dan was two weak to resist it Maria was happy danny beat his evil self but ivy was mad At Raven provoking Her Which raven use her ultimate power send ivy flying she was scared and was fear by her run away see there plan has failed and see her love trapped in the Fenton thermos clockwork save his family and there friends and teacher from another death Future

Ivy however was mad at her and wanted to get her revenge on her some day while Dan is trapped in the thermos trying to escape and get his revenge by his past self and raven for ruin there plans now is more angry at her but sill was in love with her raven told danny her name was is now raven she was call by everyone she kiss and hug danny but her past self was mad told her to back as she did she say her final goodbye to her past boyfriend as she return to her timeline

Maria life is back to her normal self but Maria was awaited on the day for Dan To return....... REAL SOON

grim tales

two and a half years when by raven has been found but turns out that her dark side must have been healing while she was underwater which means her body haven't been disabled which was in the same body figure when she passed away which they all notice that the raven they know is gone they're are now stuck with the Dark Phoenix after successfully Been resurrected which according to Raven history Which Turn out raven life wasnt such a happy childhood life for her as well when raven was 5 or 6 raven mother Arelle was taken from her by the heart of crystal as her mother was the new host to it realize it was to indeed two late when she call her mother Arelle was already flying into the sky into the crystal shows that her mother was lost to it forever as her husband and her daughter watch her mother being with the crystal

Which out Arelle there for her daughter now raven become emotional all the time her father try GIVEING her love and care but whatever he try to do raven physical advoid it her mother talk to her saying that not to worry about get that she'll be watching over her till the day raven leave the earty But however raven happiness didnt last long when her father was kill by him which lead her into emotional physical and depressed which the girl was all alone in the world without both her parents to help the child

Raven suffer thru bipolar disorder from her child hood and thru her teen years she would get angry very quick and cry and laugh and other emotional over and over again she suffer physical emotional as well she try to find love over and over again no matter how hard raven did she have nightmares about her dead parents as well raven thought about trying to committing suicidal but clockwork saw her about to do it stop her saying that u have a life ahead of her raven thought about it didnt want to take her own life so she start to belive in herself

From Down Below

After ten years later raven live a nice sweet peaceful like she started another life in the underworld to her self everyone call her a crazy bitch or demon roman as every guy look at her sexual body raven fight with powers as raven spilt persontily's became as joy and glomy side and learning and find out dan is free from his prison and send him to Halloween to help Grim Jr she steps into a new and interesting road where she hearding for herself and see her old love interest as well After Makeing it in Halloween town raven see her old crazy boyfriend as she recall he was a stupid fool he turns around as he saw raven now as a sex pot he begin to flirt with her but she reject his flirtness.

as monster attack Halloween town she see Grim Jr Attacking him but his sister Mini Mandy stop him from hurting him dan use a attack like dragon ball z kamehameha as payback is a bitch and Sally ask her not to destoryed the house but reavengeful as it is raven smirks and laugh she wouldn't care if dan knock and destoryed the whole thing she smile and watches as her old lover fight she was proud of him and was happy about Clockwork was happy as well she hug him and clockwork was very impressed at dan for doing something right for once he rewards him with his freedom back how ever If dan do anything stupid and it back to the prison cell dan was looking at raven seeing that he did something good and right for once's but however dan see raven giveing him heads up clockwork thinks she have a crush on him again when he responed oh please

What about Mimi

Demon Reaper incident Raven and Dan has been living at the Castle of Grim, apparently part of a plot by Raven and Dan to impregnate her as well with Dan's child, ending with the two sleeping together and had sex (among other things) which Dan and raven immensely enjoyed. Dan stated to ask raven did she miss him she responded she did how ever she begin to had sad and horrible flashback when human danny was alive after loseing everything which befor his pain and ultimate death that his reason for hurting raven and try to kill her he had everyright and reason to doing this was to create a heir to continue his legacy of death and destruction now that he's on "parole" from Clockwork.

They also talk about haveing a child she ask what name should they pick dan ask if it a boy he name andrew but her highly mights say she always wanted a girl and call christina so she can hit her father to death he say's he looking foward to it she appears again when she was takeing a bath with she begin to relax but was ruin by people not leting her takeing a bath

she comes out the shower and watch her fave niece and nephew Grim Jr and Minnie Mandy after being attack by her crazy arch enemy Ivy who Is a jealous woman who hate raven and her love for dan Which she is a love sick puppy to him meanwhile Mimi fight Jr And Mini Mandy After Mandy finding out Mimi was Heading for the Valut she thanked her for killing the two robots but she ordered her to leave her castle and never return which unfortunately mimi can't speak so Mandy Fights her which she gets hit by a toxic Angry birds she takes Off her undergarment coat off much to dan pleasure which he becomes very amuse By raven taken off her undergarments which she was almost half naked When she fighting ivy

but went into the other world where Mimi was human she show Her Mother fighting Him Raven was fight with him as well trying to kill him she dies by trying to save mimi.

Blossom told Mimi everything gonna be ok now him was sill alive trying to kill blossom but Mimi kill her own mother with her own eyes seeing the child wasn't evil after all Ivy try to kill the kids but her 2nd spilt persontily can out and try to kill her but raven warning her if she makes her mad one more time she kill her and her babys mandy took her demon powers out of Mimi and sealed Them and her glass collection she told her Huntsman to put Mimi in the dungeon but Grim Jr stop his mother by defending Mimi

mandy told Junior to move out of the way but he didn't respond to his mother she becomes very physical angry him And hit her son for getting in her way he turned Into his Nergal form to stop her from hitting him Which she was proud of her own son responding. He grew some balls I'm like his father so she cancelled the fight And tell junior if she ever get into Her vault she will have her head for collection After raven Was impressed by junior she seems to have one more romantic night with Dan as he tells her he'll be back soon to visit her which he was spotted he needs to get back into shape saying that he will show them all what true evil is.

After Birth

Three years has pass She is now 38 years old from 3 years ago as the chapter skip her age which is now she has a beatiful daughter who is dan child as well she tell her daughter to stay at the castle with out anyone hurting her she she goes on another mission with Grim Jr to find her nice mini Mandy But she also apears on the last chapter page with dark danny or suppoed it was another raven came looking for her or it could had been dark maria She goes with ivy and jr to save his sister who was kidnapped

Chapter 8

Raven appear in flash backs with mimi as well when she and her meet Aku daughter as well even she and mimi didnt know what going she appears almost half naked in the hot springs with Aku as a woman even she didnt like him flirting with her she appear to be sexual by him and returns to the castle to help mandy on a mission

Chapter 9

She appears in chapter nine with mimi once again as seen a show with was doing by chi after the show she and mimi finds a body guard get beat up by Skulker Who she havent see in a while and wonder why he was holding Chi in his arms

Development and personality

Raven personatily is sad pain and sorrow and missable seeing her human boyfriend is kill by his ghost side and createing the both of dan phantom her personatily is close like Dan Phantom however she is not mean heartless rude and bitter like dan phantom after his defeat she was happy to beat him once and for all by impisoned him in the fenton Thomas

Turn out during raven child hood she suffer a bipolarity due to her interchangeable and unstable emotions And my have a similarites persontily oh Gloomy Side and raven seen to be Bisexual even she like man but have a relationship with woman as well doing her persontily raven created to difference persontily jolly and gloomy

two Personality's

During raven life she created two different split Personality's Jolly and gloomy Jolly and gloomy are two people or emotions sharing one body which is raven and all her other alter Personlity's for example When raven becomes jolly she fights and respect the battle as well she will even say sorry for hurting the person she fighting however gloomy isn't like jolly when raven becomes gloomy it show no respect for it rivals in battle it see the person as weak sometimes it show heartless emotion to that person Happy Raven which is jolly and Dark Raven is Gloomy


After ghost danny kill his human self he aboandonment there love they once had and now it turn into something worse and even worser


Dan Phantom

Huh a weaker moment by darkkingm-d5qb2fk zpsx38ysatb

Danny and Maria was like high school sweetheart they was deeply in love with each other for a long time when the C.A.T test appears danny use his powers to cheat she was piss off at him for cheating so much when there teacher had call then fentons about danny but the nasty burger blow up cause the deaths of his friends and Maria as well was both Forced to live with there arch emery danny was so sad and ask vald to takes his human emotions from him did ask he was told he separated Danny Phantom from his human side but became a nutcase and separated vald half evil self as well to destoryed him but Unfortunately, Plasmius' evil side dominated and over whole Danny his evil side ultimately taking control of him and turning him into the evil incarnation he is now.

While Maria with the horror that was going on she saw the fear in human danny eyes while his ghost self start off with his first act was Blowing up Vlad's manor, and supposedly killing his human half, Dark Danny left to begin his ten year rampage of world destruction. As Maria saw the death of his human self she begin to work hard as a ghost hunter and advice her boyfriend death

ten years in the future she fight her past boyfriend Danny Fenton and mistake him for dan she finally got hey revenge but sam and tucker came in and stop her she was happy to see them but was sad seeing her two dead friends was right infront of her (according in the ultimate enemy ten years ago danny friends and family and even there teacher all die in the nasty buger exploded) After stoping him just in time she save them just in time so now there past is save

In grim tales raven has move on from her depressed over dan but her persontily has chance alot in so like Dan whole personality Just like like him when she meets up with him in Halloween town he see her as a sex pot now he try's to flirt with her but she rejected his flirtness she help dan and mandy fight Demon Reaper she become very unamuse when he use sexual comments about her body which she was amused to watch dan see her body move after dan useing a kamehameha which is very similar To one of goku moves in pay back was the bitch and destoryed him for good she see dan did something good for once he even see mandy and her look at him clockwork tells him both of them have high hills for he responed oh please

In chapter 7 it seen that dan and raven had a phyiscal relationship With each other again the fact she sill love him but she not in love with him they talk about there child as the fact of created there kid is Christina she seen dan has a prev side as well looking at her amused her that she is amused by his handsome looks as well see that Ivy sill wanted her dead cause she sill have a crush on him and fight her as well she is scared by one of raven alter ego's which dan was amused by there fight she seen dan one last time after mandy told him he can stay for the night but begone in the morning they both say there finale words to each other as they both kiss go bye to each other and watch him fly away after she watched Dan leave Mandy and have a little argument with ivy she became physical upset crying of having flashbacks when he was half ghost and half human when he was just Danny having flashbacks of human Danny which cry into tears call him a stupid fool saying that he made a huge and regret mistake.


All thru raven and ivy are more then enemy's to each the fact that they both love Dan Phantom ivy hates her more then anything in the world ivy wants raven dead as possibles even in the ultimate enemy she mocked her about failing to save future danny raven show ivy mercy to her gave in grim tales she sill hates raven the fact she wants her dead in chapter 7 raven fights her agin and threats to kill the kids as well but however ivy was out match and out number again by her now she scared to death by this dark version of raven or may or may not wanna attack her again in krossan comics she becames less evil and more love sick for dan heart she laughs at ivy loveiness for even she considers ivy as a sister

Danny Fenton

After going to the future who mistakes him for dan she almost try to kill him but thinks to dan who was force to save his life once more as she tell danny that he was the one who kill his Future Self She is sill in love with him as she explained she not in love with him as there boned of love been broken as well she love him and the face and fact that befor he was evil he was always there for her thinks to danny got a help from vlad and send him back into the past and stop him she became more happy to see danny dident end up like him

Sam Manson & Tucker Foley

shocked to see her two dead friends appears telling them there no longer alive in the future which was happy there from the past she love miss being around them and miss tucker funniness around her she happy that she save them from dan evil plans and was happy to be see them one last time

Jazz Fenton

as jazz died in the nasty burger explosion along with her friends their teacher and family she only mentioned Jazz once when she only meantioned her as a sister after losing the only friend She socialize the most in the future after finding out that Dan was going to cheat on the C.A.T test once again and killing his family that he share no love like He used to After stopping his plans and ideas well as Danny have one final fight with his future SeLf by using the ghostly wail On Dan (which dan couldn't use that attack or get that power for 10 years which he is trapped in the Fenton thermos) after Jazz and her family was safe she happy she can see her one last time

Jack Fenton & Maddie Fenton

Ember McLain

Valerie Gray

Mr. Lancer

Fright Knight


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