The powerpunk girls are pranked by Rina of the MaleficMage girls and they wind up beating up and capturing her without a plan of what to do afterwards. Not wanting to provoke Raven and Ripley to come and find Rina, Brat takes on Rina's appearance to impersonate her in the MaleficMage girls.

She finds Raven and Ripley and finds that the life of a mage is difficult. First they force Brat (Thinking she's Rina), to train tirelessly over the day. After that she is picked on by the others for not keeping up with them. They pull scams and pranks around townsville, much to Brat's liking, but then they really get in trouble when they attempt to prank Berserk and Brute, as Rina did earlier. Brat doesn't manage to convince Raven and Ripley to not prank her sisters. The MaleficMage girls eventually find that Rina was actually Brat and then take her hostage.

Meanwhile Berserk and Brute find that Rina has broken free and rejoined her sisters. With no one else to turn to, the powerpunks turn to the puffs and ruffs for help on retrieving Brat from the mages.

They eventually work out the location of the girls and they find that Brat has actually been being with them willingly pulling pranks with Rina. Berserk and Brute apologize for calling the puffs and ruffs for no reason and Brat returns with them.

The ending heart shows the powerpunk girls.

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