Blossom notices that Buttercup has been insisting to battle either, Rina or Raven when they fight with the MaleficMage girls and she questions why she doesn't want to fight Ripley, her counterpart. Blossom figures out when she invites Ripley over that Buttercup fears Ripley because of the battle they had when they first met.

Blossom arranges many times for Buttercup to get to know Ripley, which Ripley is unaware of. However after Him kidnaps Buttercup and Ripley and imprisons them inside a cell. Ripley comforts Buttercup, which surprises her and makes her see another side of Ripley. The 2 break out and beat down Him starting their friendship.


This is the first episode involving Ripley and not the other mages.

Ripley's name is in the title and refers to the R.I.P short for rest in peace which is used when someone dies, symbolizing Ripley's opponents.

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