Rose is a girl and she will appear in a new episodes

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Likes:Townsville powerpuff girls royalpuff girls rowdyruff boys Dislikes:her hair messed up ppg(powerpunk girls)bad guys Age:10(season 8) In love with:Dandelion Dislikes more:Chucky

She will wear a blue-green shirt with blue shorts and blue-green shoes/heels with a bow that's blue-green

She perposely drank Chemicel X and became the Leader of the fpg(flowerpuff girls)ppg in the later series

Chucky appeared in a episode when she appears and Chucky is Rose's worst nightmare

Rose loves the PPG and chose to live in Townsville

Chucky: worst nightmare

Blossom: BFF

Bubbles: BFF

Buttercup: BFF

Dandelion: True love

Invader Zim: ?????

Daisy: Teammate

Honey: Teammate

Rose has seen Invader Zim, but one day in Townsville Invader Zim crashed to Townsville! Rose saw the whole thing while walking to the Townsville Mall with her BFFs and freaked out!

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