Buttercup put a piece of gum in her mouth and chewed it for about 5 minutes. She spit it out, gagging. She accidentally chewed Blossom's favorite gum: strawberry. Buttercup gagged again and banged on her locker to open. The door of her locker opened but all her stuff came tumbling out. Everybody laughed and pointed at her. Buttercup's face turned red and made her way to Butch. Butch rudely said, "Nice one, Butters." Buttercup punched Butch angrily for him to get the hint. After lunch, eveybody was laughing, giggling, and pointing at Buttercup saying, "She is such a loser." Buttercup slammed a goth girl that was calling her that to the wall. For doing that, she got sent to the principals office and the guidance councelor for her anger. The guidance counselor sensed something was wrong with Buttercup. She asked Buttercup what was up and replied about her problems. The counselor ripped a ticket off that told her to see her the next day. On the next day off school, Buttercup was bullied again. Trying to punch the person, the counselor stopped Buttercup and gave the kid a warning. Back at the office, Buttercup almost cried. The counselor went out the door and saw Desiree Goldman and Princess Morbucks talking meanily about Buttercup. She gve them a Principal's notice and gave them a warning to see her after school. After school, the counselor told the girls to be kind to Buttercup. The girls nodded and smiled. The next day, the girls told eveybody to stop picking on Buttercup. Everybody stopped because the girls were the most popular. On Monday morning, the two girls told Buttercup to come in the counselors room. At the office, everybody threw a "i'm Sorry" party for her. Buttercup smiled at everybody.... especially the counselor. She hugged the counselor saying, "Thank you!

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