Say Cheese!

The 19th episode of season 3 of the new PowerPuff Girls series. The PowerPunk Girls say that The PowerPuff Girls camera is cursed.


For no reason The PowerPunk Girls come over to ruin The PowerPuff Girls day. Brute says she recongnizes the camera Blossom is holding and she says that if you take a picture of yourself or somebody else something bad will happen to you. Buttercup says that Brute is crazy and takes a picture of Brute. Brute takes the picture away from Buttercup and sees that she looks like shes in prison. Do you know what you have done! Brute says. Suddently the police come and take Brute away for no reason. Berserk goes nuts and purposely takes a picture of Buttercup. Buttercup looks at the picture seeing that Buttercup is nowhere in the picture. Buttercup laughs at Berserk saying that she missed her. Buttercup says shes thirsty so she went in the house to get water. But all of them realize Buttercup hasnt come back until a while. They look in the house and see that Buttercup isnt there. Bubbles starts crying. Butch gets angry and takes a picture of Berserk. You moron! Do you know what you have done! Berserk says. Berserk looks at the picture and sees that she is being taken away by a mummy. Berserk starts shaking. Suddently Brute comes back laughing and so does Buttercup. Berserk joins along. We made all that up to scare you! Berserk says. They all join in and start laughing. Even Bubbles.

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