Xiaolin Character heads by Miha Mimiko Kyattuha
A brand new season filled with miss-haps and chases. Here's season 12!


Clockwise Circuits

Get Your Freak On! (Starring the Freakazoid cast!)

Are You In? Or, Are You Ali-Out (Starring the Ben 10 cast!)

Cryptid Cryptics (Starring The Secret Saturday cast!)

Jungle of Terror

Blossom is Missing! (1-hour movie part 1)

When in Rome do as the Blossoms do (1-hour movie part 2)

Skydiving for Petals (1-hour movie part 3)

Dimensional Mix-Ups!

History Bluffs

Its Not Easy Being Me

Explosive Evidence

Don't go Near the Castle of Terror!

Dragon Findings Made Easy (Starring the Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles cast!)

Heaven, Hell, and Buttercup

Winter Wonderland Gone Bad

Volatile Sports Day

Easy Flying


Why Not to Give Bubbles Sugar

An Imaginary Illusions (Starring the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends cast!)

See None, Hear None, Fear None

Ghostly Affairs of a Superhuman Kind (Starring the Danny Phantom cast!)

Life in the Fast Lanes (Starring the Jimmy Neutron cast!)

Make No Wish for a Another Crash (Starring the Fairly Oddparents cast!)

Brute's Coming Through! (Starring The Teen Titan's cast!)

A Crybabie's Tale

A Personality of Disaster! (2-hour movie/season finale)

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