The Strongest Member of the MPGZ!

  • Sonia is the last member of the Mega Power Girls Z who isen't much of a tomboy but that dosen't seperate her from being like Buttercup!
  • Sonia enjoys everything Buttercup enjoys
  • Sonia Loves Geo And Works out with him alot similar to Buttercup and Butch.
  • Signature Color-Green
  • Signature Weapon-Guitar
  • Transformation Name-SoundForce Sonia

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Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Geo(Boy Friend) Hair messed up
Buttercup(Best Friend) Sweets
Iris(Team Mate) HIM
Maylu(Team Mate) Solo
Blossom(Friend) Bass
Bubbles(Friend) Rage
Brick(Friend) Berserk
Boomer(Friend) Not Playing Sports
Healthy Food

In My Chats

  • Sonia is basicly the same as her best friend Buttercup in my chats. She isen't much as a tomboy but she still enjoys sports and being with Buttercup.

    Sonia's Transformation

  • Sonia's weapon is a guitar.Sonia has an alter ego(It is only shown once in chat 75 season 1) it is a ninja.
  • Sonianinjaq


    In season 1 Sonia and Buttercup had 2 arm wreslting contest. Sonia winning the 2nd and acctually hurting Buttercup's arm. Buttercup won the 1st round.

Once A Villian!

Sonia became evil due to HIM's new power that was transported to the PowerPunkGirls Z Called HIM's Red Aura!


Evil Sonia

Things Sonia Shares With Buttercup

Buttercup & Sonia

Buttercup & Sonia

Love Sports


Strongest Of Their Team

Two Handed Weapons



Sonia Transformation00:30

Sonia Transformation

Sonia Strumm

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