This is the script of The Powerpuff Girls

Tangle Bubbles


Ms. Keane: Alright kids, we have a few annoucements today.

Blossom: Ohhh, I hope they're going to change the school lunch menu to sweets!

Ms. Keane: The school is going to do a school play.

Blossom: Boring...

Bubbles: Oh, a play!

Another Girl: What are we going to do?

Ms. Keane: The play will be on Rapunzel.

Buttercup: Now that's boring.

Ms. Keane: Currently, we're looking for a Rapunzel.

Blossom: I will be Rapunzel!

Mayor: The city of New Townsville is being attacked, by

Ms. Keane: I'm sorry, Blossom, you don't have any blonde hair for the role.

Blossom: But, but, what other role can I play?

Ms. Keane: Looks like you can play, hmmmm, oh the ugly witch.

Blossom: No-

Ms. Keane: I'll just assign you to it.

Blossom: Awww...

Bubbles: *raises hand* Oh, oh!

Ms. Keane: Yes, Bubbles, darling.

Bubbles: May I play the role as Rapunzel?

Ms. Keane: Oh Bubbles, darling, I'm sorry but you can't receieve the role as Rapunzel.

Bubbles: But why?!

Ms. Keane: Because you do um, have long hair, like.... Blossom.

Blossom: It's true, my hair is beautiful.

Bubbles: But, but-

Ms. Keane: Until the role of Rapunzel is confirmed, I wish you all a good afternoon.

-scene flashes to Professor's house-

Blossom: If there's anything I love more it has to be a chocolate bar. *eats chocolate bar*

Buttercup: Your move.

Ken: Goldfish.

Buttercup: Darn it!

Bubbles: I can't believe Ms. Keane wouldn't let me be Rapunzel.

Buttercup: It's obivous, your hair is in short pigtails.

Bubbles: So!

Blossom: Bubbles, you can always play another part of the play.

Bubbles: You don't understand the prince might be really cute and second this is my dream to become an actress.

Buttercup: I thought you said you wanted to become a designer.

Bubbles: That's my second dream, being an actress always having the money, the fame, and-

Blossom: The boys.

Bubbles: Totally!

Buttercup: So it can still be solve even if you aren't Rapunzel.

Ken: Goldfish again.

Buttercup: Darn it.

Ken: My cash please.

Buttercup: Errr, here. *hands Ken a dollar*

Ken: Thank you very much.

Bubbles: *signs* Ohhhh.... *watches Blossom brush her hair*

Professor: Okay girls, it's time to go back home.

Blossom: Okay, see you guys later.

Buttercup: I'll beat you tomorrow, bye Professor.

Professor: Bubbles, are you okay?

Bubbles: Um, yeah! I'm okay....

(Bubbles' house......)

-Bubbles in bed-

Bubbles: (I need to be Rapunzel, need long hair...) Ahh!

-Bubbles gets out of bed-

-Transformation: Rolling Bubbles-

Bubbles: Bubbles!!

-outfit changes-

-Bubbles sneaks out of her house and into the Professor's Lab-

Bubbles: This must be some hair growth a potion.

-Bubbles pours the jar on her hair making it grow-

Bubbles: It works! It's almost as long as Blossom's!



Ms. Keane: Alright class, take your seats please.

Blossom: *whispers* Psst! Buttercup, have you seen Bubbles today?

Buttercup: *whipsers* Nope, have you?

Blossom: Nope, I haven't seen her at all this morning I wonder.

Bubbles: Hello guys!

-Blossom and Buttercup stare at Bubbles' long hair-

Buttercup: Whoa, your hair is l-l-lo-

Blossom: Long!

Bubbles: Yup, isn't it pretty.

Blossom: Yeah but how did it become-

Ms. Keane: Girls, please take your-

-Ms. Keane looks at Bubbles' long hair-

Ms. Keane: Bubbles, your hair looks really lovely.

Bubbles: Thanks Ms. Keane.

Ms. Keane: Ya know maybe you are right for the role as Rapunzel.

Bubbles: Really, I-I can be Rapunzel?

Ms. Keane: Why yes, darling.

Bubbles: Yay!

Ms. Keane: Now here is your lines for Rapunzel and don't forget them.

Bubbles: Don't worry, I won't let you down!

Blossom: *annoyed* Hm, lucky...

-At Professor's Lab-

Bubbles: *reading lines* Okay, handsome prince, I shall let down my beautiful extremely long flowing blonde hair down for you. *pretends to throw hair down*

Buttercup: Wow, your getting pretty good, Bubbles. Goldfish!

Ken: Darn it!

Bubbles: Why thank you, Buttercup! What about you, Blossom, did you think I was amazing?

Blossom: *sarcastically* Why yes I did, Bubbles!

Bubbles: What's wrong, Blossom, you seem pretty upset.

Blossom: *sarcastically* Oh no, why would I be upset while I got the role as the ugly witch and you got the role as the beautiful girl, Rapunzel.

Bubbles: Oh boy, that's a relief.

Buttercup: I got goldfish, Ken, pay up $10.

Ken: But this is all my alliance money.

Buttercup: Then I'll take it. *takes money from Ken*

Ken: Errrr, rematch!

Buttercup: Oh your on!

Professor: Well you guys will have to finish your game tomorrow because it's getting late.

Buttercup: Okay, Professor. Ken, your going down!

Ken: No, you're going down!

-Buttercup leaves-

Professor: Blossom...

Blossom: *mad* Goodbye!

-Blossom leaves-

Ken: What's with her?

Bubbles: I'm not sure.

Professor: Bubbles, I didn't notice before but you have such beautiful long hair. I thought you always had short pigtails?

Bubbles: Well, um, I a-always had long hair b-but you guys never noticed before.

Ken: That makes no sense...

Professor: Ken...

Ken: I'm just saying, dad-

Professor: Anyway, goodbye Bubbles, and have a goodnight's sleep.

Bubbles: Okay, bye!

(Midnight at Bubbles' house.....)

-Bubbles in bed-

Bubbles: Zzzzzz........

-Bubbles' hair suddenly grows extremely longer like Rapunzel's-



Buttercup: Looks like Ms. Keane's late.... again.

Blossom: Who cares but where's Bubbles?

Bubbles: *smiles* Hello, guys!

Blossom & Buttercup: WHOA!

-they stare at Bubbles' extremely long hair-

Blossom: Bubbles, did you see the way your hair looks?

Bubbles: No why?

Buttercup: Your hair is as long as Rapunzel's hair!

Bubbles: *looks at hair* Oh no, it's grew longer!

Blossom: What do you mean by "grew longer?"

Buttercup: Bubbles, what are you hiding from us?

Bubbles: *nervously* Well I, um-

Ms. Keane: Sorry, class, I- *trips over Bubbles' hair-

A Boy: Ms. Keane are you okay?

Ms. Keane: Don't worry, I'm fne, I just tripped over.... a pine of hair? Bubbles, is this your hair?

Bubbles: Well I-

Ms. Keane: Bubbles, amazing! You were able to get a wig like Rapunzel's! Fantastic!

Bubbles: *nervously* Hee hee, yeah.....

Ms. Keane: Okay, now back to class.

Blossom: *pulls Bubbles hair; whispers* This isn't a wig, this is your real hair.

Bubbles: Hee hee....

-next scene; antorum-

Prince: Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

-Bubbles in a princess gown in a fake tower-

Bubbles: Okay, handsome prince, I shall let down my beautiful extremely long flowing blonde hair down for you!

-Bubbles throws out her extremely long hair for the Prince-

Buttercup: Oh my god.....

Prince: Wow, really long wig for a really high tower. *climbs tower*

Prince: Wow, you sure look beautiful up close. Please, beautiful maiden, what is your name.

Bubbles: *blushes* My name is Rapunzel.

Prince: Oh, Rapunzel!

???: Mee hee hee, Rapunzel!

Bubbles: Oh no, that's the ugly witch!

Prince: Who?

Bubbles: My guardian, you must get outta here before it's too-

-The "witch" (Blossom) arrives-

Blossom: *depress* Rapunzel, who is this?

Bubbles: Well he's...

Blossom: Stop mumbling, you tangled little twit! Who is he?!

Bubbles: A prince...

Blossom: A prince! What did I say? You will not fall for no one, including a prince!

Prince: Well you can't make that decison for her.

Blossom: Is that so? Well, then this is!

-Princes "stabs" him-

Prince: Oww! I've been him!

Bubbles: No! He's hurt!

Blossom: And Rapunzel! You will be tangle!

Bubbles: What?

Blossom: I mean tied up!

Bubbles: No, please! I'm sorry that I disobeyed you.

Blossom: It's too late for that, Rapunzel! *grabs Bubbles' hair*

Bubbles: I think not! * grabs hair and pulls it*

Blossom: Yikes!! *trips over tower window*

Blossom: Noooooo!!! *lands on pillow*

Bubbles: Prince! Oh my once true love!

Prince: Don't worry, maybe it needed to end this way, as we didn't have time to, to, to know each other.

Bubbles: No, it can't end like this.

-Prince closes his eyes and "dies"-

Bubbles: *tears* G-Goodbye... *cries*

Ms. Keane: And cut!! Excellent job, Bubbles and Tom! It was lovely, no, brillant!

Bubbles: Thanks Ms. Keane!

Tom: Anytime!

Blossom: Any comments on my job, Ms. Keane?

Ms. Keane: Um.... good work out there.

Blossom: Errrrr!

Buttercup: Nice performance, Bubbles!

Bubbles: Gee, thanks Buttercup! I said that you hate plays involving princesses?

Buttercup: Come on, I always have to be there for my friends, don't I?

Bubbles: Of course.

-Blossom angerily mumbling over her breath-

Bubbles: Oh, hey Blossom.

Buttercup: Wasn't it great.

Blossom: *sarcastically* Oh sure, it was good, really good. *walks away continuing to mumble*

Buttercup: Gee, what's wrong with her?

Bubbles: I'm not so sure, but who knows?

Buttercup: Hey, Bubbles, have you notice your hair looking long about 70 feet long?

Bubbles: Hun? *Bubbles looks at her hair* Oh no!

Buttercup: It doesn't even look like a wig to me. Bubbles, what did you do?

Bubbles: Um, Buttercup, is that a new hat?!

Buttercup: What? Well-

Bubbles: Gotta go! *runs off*

Buttercup: Something fishy is going on with Bubbles.


-Bubble's hair comes to life; hair tickles her nose-

Bubbles: *half-asleep* Mmmm, grandmother, what is it?

-Bubbles wakes up and hair grabs her-

Bubbles: Eeeeeeekkk!!! What's going on! *looks down* My hair? Alive??? Let me go!!!

-Hair covers Bubbles' mouth and flows out the window with tieing Bubbles in it-

-Next Day; After school-

Buttercup: Have you seen Bubbles?

Blossom: No. Have you?

Buttercup: Noo. It's just not like her to just skip school.

Mayor: Powerpuff Girls!

Blossom: Yes Mayor?

Mayor: The city of New Townsville is being attacked by hair!

Blossom & Buttercup: Hair?

Mayor: Yes! It's destroying everything! Please help us!

Blossom: Don't worry Mayor, we'll take care of it! *whispers to Buttercup* He's nuts...

Buttercup: *whispers back* We know...

-Blossom transforms into Hyper Blossom and Buttercup transforms into Powered Buttercup-

-Blossom and Buttercup flies and sees hair attacking City Hall and other buildings-

Blossom: *uses yo-yo on hair monster* Yo-yo striwl!

-hair breaks yo-yo's string-

Blossom: Oh no!

Buttercup: Who do think you are thinking you can destroy Towns--!

  • The hair quickly smacks Buttercup aside*

Buttercup: Oof! ...Fine! I'll beat you with or without my--!

  • The hair quickly knocks out Buttercup using her own hammer; The hair quickly grabs Buttercup*

Blossom: *shocked* Buttercup!!

  • The hair quickly grabs Blossom; at that moment, the hair reveals a tied and gagged Bubbles controlling her*

Blossom & Buttercup: *surprised* Bubbles!!

Bubbles: *tied by her own hair* Guys! H-Help--! *hair covers Bubbles' mouth*

  • The hair tosses Blossom and Buttercup over buildings*

Blossom & Buttercup: Oof!

Buttercup: Did you just saw Bubbles??

Blossom: Yes, but we still need to save New Townsville because it's destroying it!

Buttercup: B-But what about Bubbles?!

Blossom: *confidently* Don't worry, we'll save her too!

  • The hair continues destroying New Townsville, hitting buildings, wrecking cars, and the streets as the citizens flee*

Bubbles: *struggles in hair* ...P-Please! Stop! I command you to stop!

  • The hair continues to destroy New Townsville*

Brick: So guys, any ideas what we can do to cause trouble?

Butch: Hmm, we could cause some trouble to The Powerpuff Girls. I just found a snail and we can put them in their hair!

Brick: Hmm, as much as I think that is a good idea...nah, we already caused them much trouble by spray painting their names on doors...

Boomer: Hey, look, dudes! *points to hair monster*

Brick: What is that?

Butch: Looks like some kind of hair monster!

Brick: *grins* Alright! That could be the kind of trouble we can look for to lighten our day! Yo, hair dude! Want to cut a deal to form an alliance to bother the PPG Girls?

  • The hair suddenly smacks aside The Rowdyruff Boys sending them flying in the air*

Butch: Note to self: never ally with freaky hair monsters...

Ms. Bellum: Mayor, New Townsville is being destroyed even single minute!

Mayor: I know! We have to do something! Where's The Powerpuff Girls?!

Buttercup: Right here!

Blossom: You leave New Townsville allow and free Bubbles, you monster! Go strawberry shot!

  • Blossom uses her yo-yo tieing the hair monster*

Blossom: Now to *pulls* rip you apart!

  • The hair monster quickly spins around the yo-yo Blossom's holding*

Blossom: *spins around* Whoa!! Stop it!!

  • The hair monster let's go of the yo-yo's string causing her to crash into a building*

Bubbles: Blossom!! *hair covers Bubbles* EEP!!

Buttercup: *uses hammer

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