One day Boomer and Bubbles were really craving some sugar. So, they went to the candy store. When they went in, they saw it: The biggest rainbow lollipop they have ever seen! They looked to see how much it cost. The tag said ten dollars. They checked their pockets, to find a dead junebug, and some lint. They decided they needed to make some cash if they wanted that big fat rainbow lollipop. They found some wood, a hammer, nails, posters, and unmbrellas. They built a stand, tables, and Bubbles wrote lemonade stand $1.00 in her besthandwriting. They had made about five sales, and the candy store closes in 30 minutss! They were about to give up, until the hotline rang, The mayor Had told them there was a bank robbery, and they decided they could ask the mayor for five dollars, just this once. They stopped the robbers, and they asked the mayor for five bucks. He gladly gave it to them, and they flew to the candy store. The shop was about to close, until the two of them burst through the door, They bought the lollipop, and shared it.

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