At the Powerpunk girls house the Powerpunk girls were doing there own thing with their boyfriends. Rock In and

Dark Berserk

Berserk were playing cards, Brat and Inferno were playing dress up, and Brute and Bert were talking. Brute
Dark Brute

Dark Brute

asked Bert why he ALWAYS changes hairstyles. Sometimes he has one ponytail on his head like the old Butch did and sometimes has the same hairstyle as Brute does. Bert explained that he thinks it is fun changing styles. Brute laughed a little until she saw some three girls that were flying around their street. Berserk, Brat, and the other boys noticed it to. They all looked like the Powerpunk girls. The other strange girls saw them and slowly came over to their house with their mouths open wide. The Punks did the same. Berserk started getting mad and asked who they are. The one that looked like Berserk said her name was Dark Berserk. Dark Brat came over giggling and saying her name was Dark Brat. Dark Brute rolled her eyes at
Brute and said her name was Dark Brute. The the Dark Punks said that they were created by Dark Oppressor Plutonium and were made of darkness, style items, and everything dark and a dash of chemical X. They started fighting and they weren't to happy at each other. Berserk used her bows to choke
Berserk by ami magane-d33ilcp


Dark Berserk. She chocked her she lied down in defeat. Brat was laying on the ground angry because Dark Brat was being so annoying that she couldn't take it anymore. Dark Brat asked if she wanted to be friends with her. Brat said no angrily and slammed her into another persons house down the street. Brute and Dark Brute weren't really fighting because Dark Brute was putting on a extra supply of lip-gloss. Brute started to loose her patience and knocked her lip-gloss down. Dark Brute was angry and started fighting Brute for REAL this time. The Dark Punks and the real Punks fought or a couple of hours and the left the boys just sitting there for last couple hours. Brat gave them a angry and told them to get their lazy butts over there and help them. Rock In used his eye beams on Dark Berserk. Inferno used his power "inferno" to knock Dark Brat out. Bert used his spiky belts like Brute has to knock Dark Brute down. The Dark Punks were aggravated at then boys and the Punks. They all agreed that they will be enemies. The Dark Punks said they would be back for revenge. At Pokey Oaks the teacher told the class that there will be new students named the Dark Powerpunk Girls. They Darks grinned evilly at the Punks and took their seats.

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