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The Dragondark boys are the male versions of the strongershine girls. They are basicly the strogershine's version of the Rowdyruff boys.


When the villains of landsville get annoyed, they team up and create evil male counterparts-the Dragondark boys. With this new group, Buddy, who was the Rowdyruff boys' attempt to creat a fourth like the Powerpuff girls did with Bunny, was resurrected in a normal form. They eventually date the strongershine girls at the same time the rrb begin dating the ppg. They also break up at the same time.


Buddy Buddy is the leader of the Dragondark boys. He is very adventurous and brave. He tends to be a bit of a troublemaker and often teases Bunny for no reason but fun. He has light brown hair in the same fringe as Bunny with back hair that isn't visible from the front and wears a standard purple rowdyruff outfit.

Break Break is the second ddb. He is the counterpart of Banana and has an appearance similar to that of Boomer. His fringe is nearly the same as Boomer's except with two peices sticking in the front. He is most commonly found eating Bananas or playing video games.

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