This Begins with Bubbles Telling Boomer she has to go to her cheerleading practice. Boomer says bye and walks towards Butch and Dexter. Boomer asks them what there doing? Dexter said He was going to The library. Butch said he needs to get a good Book while Buttercup is playing Soccer. Boomer questions whats a Library. Suprised he's friends explain ts a place were you get Books. They take him to the Library. There butch and Dexter gets all the subjects Boomer likes. While there doing that Boomer looks at The Libraian. Boomer ask Butch how this person was. Butch answers it's the Libraian Ms.Cooper. Boomer looks at her and says "Ms.Cooper" dreamly. His brother looks at him confuised shrugs it of and leaves to continue finding a book for Bommer.

Meanwhile, Bubbles walks to her Cheerleader class and reads the sign that it changed to The end of the Day. Excited Bubbles gets her new bubble wand and Blows it outside during recess. During that time a bunch of Bullys comes and Tells Bubbles to leave. She tells them no. A Boy named Cody comes and stop's the Bullying even has to go in a fight to stop them. At the end he loses because of his uncontrollable coughing. Bubbles notice he was crying but stops to ask her if she's alright.

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