120 minute special


A race to determine the fastest of the fast. The puffs are minding their own business when they are challenged to a race by 3-person team race, by Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks and Him. After making a deal by manipulating the mayor, the winner of the race takes control of townsville as well as 10 million worth bags of dough. The mayor holds the race starting in townsville, as dumb as he is, he doesn't realize what he is agreeing to because he is caught up in his extreme loving of racing sports. The girls however are not alone as the ruffs, the punks, the rights, the shines, and the mages join in the race in 3-person teams. There was only one thing about this race, there were 3 rules. One is that you must complete the course to win. Two, the race is in a 3-person tag mode. As such once one part of the course is finished, the next part will be done by the next teammate already waiting at the start once the first teammate tags them to begin. The third rule was no other rules.

The girls were almost certain that most of the participants, despite the goodness within themselves would attempt to attack the other participants somehow. Still the puffs planned to do so as well for their own sake.

The race would start through townsville (Which is assumed to be somewhere in the united states) into a winding forest to the coastline and over the pacific ocean. They will then race to Japan's underground course, where fissures and earthquake patterns have made it a twisty maze. Then to Asia, through crowds of people and buildings across the great wall and over the himalayas. Through India and into Africa through miles of desert. Then south to the Antarctic braving the cold. Then to South America through the jungles. Then underwater through the mid-atlantic ridge of underwater volcanos. Finally take to the skies of townsville to maneuver through Malefic Castle (AKA the home to the MaleficMage girls which is surrounded by hurricane winds and thunderstorms) finally descending from the exit to cut the ribbon at the finish line.

For each leg described a different teammate will do each leg.

(1): Blossom, Brick, Berserk, Raven, Blake, Mojo Jojo, Bunny

(2) Bubbles, Boomer, Brat, Rina, Bash, Morbucks, Bell

(3) Buttercup, Butch, Brute, Ripley, Breaker, Him, Bullet

Townsville-Coastline (1)

Coastline-Japan (3)

Japan-Great Wall (2)

Great Wall-Africa (3)

Africa-Antarctica (1)

Antarctica-South America (2)

South America-Mid-Atlantic Ridge (3)

Mid-Atlantic Ridge-Malefic Castle (2)

Malefic Castle-Finish (1)


The title is a play off the Fast and the Furious

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