Bella utionum
Blossom, Buttercup and the RRB walk in and see a lady. Than the professor says “Girls I want to introduce you to Bella.” for some reason Bella liked Brick a lot. Bella prepared the girls snacks and bags. Blossom, Buttercup and the RRB was flattered. Bella gave them kisses the girls couldn’t wait to tell there classmates. The RRB didn’t really care. They got to school. “Ok class now which person wants to tell some great news? How about you blossom?” Ms. Keane said. “Sure” said Blossom “I have exiting news WE HAVE A MOM! She’s so nice she packed are bags and treated us like actual normal girls”. “Swell” said Ms. Keane “now blossom since your president you’ll welcome are new student than I tell you what to tell the class about mothers”. “Sure” said blossom. She looked at the script “class please welcome Butterfly”.*Butterfly walks in*everyone suddenly loves her. She was yellow. She had bugged eyes like the PPG’s she was wearing there suit! (Just in yellow) she and Blossom talked than the class went to silence “Ok kids here’s the news today’s mothers day”. The class gasped. at the end of the day Butterfly went around to everyone saying this to them “Tell your mother that I said Happy Mother’s Day.” Butterfly visited the PPG’s house they has a wonderful time the girls were glad to have a mother. Butterfly also commented that there mom was very nice.

Ending Song

blossom the sweetest power puff,

bubbles the stealing jail one

buttercup is the tougthest figther

blossom and buttercup are sure to save the day,

figthing crime

making bubbles cry

will they come just in time

blossom and buttercup

figthing crime

making bubbles cry

will they come just in time

blossom and buttercup POWER PUFFS!

owners info

One of my strories in MY PPG serious here's the second episode of it the next one is bubbles trouble

this story was created by sarahred0(mary)

WHOLE seris for seson 1 (not done 23 more episodes to make)

  • episode 1 a very awsome blossom(Made)
  • episode 2 the great mothers day (Made)
  • episode 3 Bubbles Trouble (Being Made)
  • episode 4 bubbles gets busted
  • episode 5 the wedding
  • episode 6 new mom
  • episode 7 the PPG's and RRB's children
  • episode 8 new generation
  • episode 9 Power punk Attack
  • episode 10 pet's
  • episode 11 bubble's turns evil
  • episode 12 bubbles new form
  • episode 13 piano lessons
  • episode 14 power punks become the power puffs
  • episode 15 put those you hate in dangred
  • Movie:Stuck in Time
  • episode 16 survive
  • episode 17 i relized what i rellay want
  • episode 18 Bubbles loses her powers
  • episode 19 i go good
  • episode 20 TRIP TO TRONTO ZOO!
  • episode 21 new hometown
  • episode 22 Dexter
  • episode 23 my friend your dead
  • episode 24 back to normal
  • episode 25 PPG's,RRB's and PPGNK'S meet phineas and ferb
  • episode 26 good life

thats it for season 1!

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