The Morbucks revenge

At Morbucks Manor Princess and her sisters Dutchess and Tootsie were looking at the Powerpuff girls fight. They wanted to take the Powerpuff girls place. They wanted rwevenge for putting Princess in jail AGAIN. Princesses face got red and she started to have a fit. She yelled that she wanted to kill those Powerpuff girls so badly. Tootsie said she wanted revenge to. But Dutchess was smiling evily. The Powerpuff girls fought Dutchess once but they lost against her. The Powerpuff girls always lost against Dutchess because she was older and smarter than them. Dutchess told Princess and Tootsie her magnificent plan to destroy the Powerpuff gitls and that they can be the new Powerpuff girls. Dutchess, Tootsie, and Princess ran out the door and into a airplane. The Powerpuff girls were on the same speed as them. Blossom accidentally bumpeed into the airplane and making it fall. Blossom said sorry to them but they still weren't happy. Blossom flew off to catch up with her sisters

Dutchess hated Blossom the most. She always got in her way of everything and now her plan was ruined because the airplane was crashed. Tootsie started whining and asking what should they do now. Princess and Dutchess were out of plans and so was Tootsie. The morbucks were known to have a gigantic plan to the destroy the powerpuff girls some other time or that they gave up trying to defeat the Powerpuff girls. They might be back or they might not.

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