The Flowerpuff girls

Flowerpuff girls colored by starvalerian-d33o1lo
The Flowerpuff girls also known as New Trinity were made of sugar, girly things, and perfume bottles. But their creator Professor Jose Buds Lezcano's pet accidentally pushed him into the chemical x which created the Girls.


Behania: Behania is the leader of the Flowerpuff girls. She has short hair put in two ponytails and wears a green dress with black buttons. Gwen is outgoing, beautiful, smart, and sometimes a bit crazy. She sometimes doesn't take her leader role seriously and sometimes starts the fights. Behania does not have something on her head showing she is the leader like Brick, Berserk, and Blossom do. Her evil counterpart Gabriella and her boy counterpart is George. Gwen does not like George and people say George does not like Behania either. Behania refuses to be with George but Gabriella and George have a love/hate relationship together. But boys rather find Gwen attractive.

Coffee: Coffee is the joy and the laughter of the Flowerpuff girls. She has 6 braids and wears a beautiful red and white dress. Love is caring, generous, cute, and sometimes sensitive. Love is a lot like Bubbles and has the same exact personality as Bubbles does. Love sometimes possesses a dark side once in a while because she wants to be hard core like Bubbles did. Her evil counterpart is Lanie and her boy counterpart is Coff boy.

Bethona: Bethona is the toughest and sassy of the Flowerpuff girls She has long pink hair put in a sided ponytail and has a lilac dress. Violet is nice,tough,generous,and smart. Her evil counterpart is Lilax and her boy counterpart is Vant

Other Members

Brennin:one of The Shadowpuff girls that become friends with Behania and Coffee
Best Team ID by gamefanPPG

The Best Team PPGD version

Bubbles:one The Powerpuff Girls that become friends with Behania and Coffee

Brina (Sabrina):Brina, an smart girl with knowledge in dark the characters of the Griddles

Celestia:Celestia, a warrior of divine light. When both team up, they become a powerful and unstoppable team against that people with evil intentions against the humanity and the peace in The Earth.


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