The Powerpuff Girls: Action Time (Remake) is based on the animated show that through 1998-2005. The series is slightly different from the previous. For example, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup wear their outfits from The Powerpuff Girls Z (when their not in their suits).

Unlike the previous series, The Powerpuff Girls: Action Time is an anime version like series. The show is confirmed to release in Japan, however; an American release is unknown. Some characters (new characters) have been confirmed.

The series was originally planned to be a series taken place after the previous events of the shows but was changed to be similar but somewhat different with new characters created through Chemical X.


The series has been confirmed to be similar but slightly different from the previous series. After The Powerpuff Girls were created and saved Townsville from Mojo's wrath, they agreed to joined Townsville X Agency to defeat the forces of evil from Townsville. Villains from the previous series (and new antagonists) have been confirm to appear.


One confirmed episode has been annouced "Crushed In Love." So far, other episodes haven't been annouced.

Main Characters

The Powerpuff Girls are confirmed to be five years olds:


The leader of The Powerpuff Girls and the "smart" one of the trio.


The "bubbly" one of the trio.


The "tough" one of the trio.

Secondary Characters

Master Puff

The leader of Townsville X Agency. She is also created through Chemical X, however, her motives are unknown. Her age is revealed to be 12 years old.


The front desk girl of Townsville X Agency. Her character is revealed to be a girl who seems to appear to dislike her job and takes every chance to get away from it. She is also created through Chemical X but like Tiff, her motives are unknown. Her age is revealed to be nine years old.


A talking, robotic dog who acts as both a pet and fighter of Townsville X Agency. He is based on Peach from The Powerpuff Girls Z. His creator abandon him, but was found by Puff and took him through love and care.

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