90 minute long movie


Him teams up with Mojo Jojo, first kidnapping the rowdyruff boys, imprisoning them. As well as framing the powerpunks sending them to prison. Finally they send the Powerpuff girls and the MaleficMage girls into another dimension. The same dimension that the MaleficMage girls were banished to for several years before their release.

They find that dimension is a world of darkness. A darker reflection of townsville. Everyone around, acting as if life went on like normal. Black and white everywhere. No one could see nor hear them. The worst torture ever, they could all see what was occurring in the other dimension, but were helpless to communicate or help as Mojo Jojo and Him take over the city and then the world.

Desperately the powerpuffs attempt futile ways to get out of the dimension, but the MaleficMage girls insist that they already tried every way possible and lost hope that they would ever get out sulking that they were once again banished.

The powerpuffs didn't give up and searched the entire world for something that could help them with once again no avail. Losing hope in the Malefic World, professor utonium was already looking for a way to bring the girls back.


This is the second movie featuring the MaleficMage girls.

Raven breaks the fourth wall mentioning that the mages would have appeared in an earlier episode than they actually did if they knew how to get out of the Malefic World.

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