The Powerpuff Girls Z!

The Powerpuff Girls Z trio was created when Ken and the Professor was trying to melt an iceberg but caused the light Z-rays to reflect. Now, three junior high girls were named Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru. In the start of the episode, the three girls does not know each other. The first ray was struck on Momoko, who was strolling in the park with her candy until she saw the beam heading straight to the kid, she quickly blocked the beam and recognizes that she is wearing unsual clothes. The same goes to Miyako and Kaoru, who saw the beams heading straight for someone and blocked it. Of course you would know that Miyako likes the clothes, but Kaoru does not. Now, the three girls had transformed into the three heroines: The Powerpuff Girls Z! That is the episode 1 of the season.


Blossom / Momoko

The first Powerpuff Girl and was proclaimed leader because of her red or pink outfit. She loves sweets and is a boy-crazy in their school. She dreams of getting married someday. In the english series, she is the smart one of the group, but in this anime series, she sometimes show her cleverness and when the group really needs it. She has some romantic feelings for her counterpart, Brick Z. She finds out that the two Powerpuffs were her classmates and became her best friends. Her phrase of tranforming is: Hyper Blossom and has a weapon of a Yo-yo.

Bubbles / Miyako

The second Powerpuff Girl and is the most kind-hearted but strong too. Her signature color is light blue. She loves reading fashion magazines and dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer someday. In the english series, both of them have the same characteristics except she isn't a crybaby, at least not all the time. She has some romantic feelings for her counterpart, Boomer Z. Her phrase of transforming is: Rolling Bubbles and has a weapon of a Bubble Wand.

Buttercup / Kaoru

The third Powerpuff Girl and is the most violent and short-tempered one. Her signature color is green. She is athletic in her school and dreams of becoming a wrestler like her dad. In the english series, no difference were made, both of them were still violent and can curl their tongue. She has a shy crush on her counterpart Butch Z. Her phrase of transforming is: Powered Buttercup and has a big hammer as her weapon.


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