The Powerstrong girls appear in season 8. The Powerstrong girls are villians to Townsville. They were created by the evil Professor Secret. They were made to destroy the Powerpuff girls and there boyfriends. They were also made to destroy the Powerpunk girls.


Portia: Porita is the counterpart of Blossom, Berserk and Brick. Porita is a tomboy. She is always rude to her sisters ,but they always fight back. Like her counterpart Berserk , Caity is really the leader of the group she is the one that bosses them around and leads her sisters. She and her sisters will steal different stuff. Caity would steal cute and cuddly stuff. Shea would steal sports stuff and Portia would steal anything that deals with music. The PowerStrong Girls don't get along with the Powerpunk girls since thier mission is to destroy them. Porita has Blossom's original bow but instead dark red. Her hair is in a pony tail but is messy. Her hair is longer then her counterparts. She wears a small jean skirt with dark red shirt and a leather Jacket.

Caity: Caity is the counterpart of Bubbles, Brat, Boomer, and Inferno. Caity wishes to not be called a baby all the time and always wants to have her own way. Like her counterpart Brat, she is spoiled and always needs to get her way or she will have a hissy fit. Caity is always willing to get in a fight with her sister Shea. Unlike her sisters Shea and Portia, Caity would rather go steal something cute and cuddly or beg her father to get her something new. Caity has short blondish brownish hair put down. She wears a barrette to keep her bangs away. She wears a blue t-shirt with 3 black stripes across it.

Shea: Shea is the counterpart of Buttercup, Brute, Butch, and Bert. Shea is a sports fanaic. Like her counterpart Brute, she is violent and strong. Shea is always willing to fight with her sister Caity. Unlike her sisters Caity and Portia, Shea would rather steal anything that has to do with sports. Shea has midnight black hair that is spiked at the ends cut in a boyish style hair-cut. She wears a dark green side barrette on her left side with a green skull on it. She wears dark green cameo shorts with a dark green belt with a black and green top that leaves her belly showing. She also wears a black fingerless fish-net glove on her left hand, with black and green 3" inch knee high boots.

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