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It has not yet been confirmed if the will be in the sereis or not. The Shadowpunk Girls are the opposites of the Shadowpuff Girls.




Bess Before a Fight

Bess is the counterpart of Bell. The self-proclaimed leader of the group similar to Blossom. Bess is bubbly and sweet, and her sisters don't mind her being leader of the group. She's both a tomboy and girly girl. She isn't too smart, but does have good plans



Cute but Dangerous

Blackberry is the counterpart of Barasia, and complete opposite. The cute and generous one of the group. She is shown to be the most caring and kind-hearted of the girls, Unlike how Barasia is tough and and hates anything girly, Blackberry loves girly things like make up.



Rebel Galore

Brenda is the toughest of the group, and most outspoken, like Barasia. She dosen't want to be a hero, but is forced into being one anyways, like how Breannin wants be a hero. She's an absolute jerk to anyone around her, especially her sisters. At night, she used go out to the hill with the tree on it, and beat up the tree, until she burned it down with her eye lasers.

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