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Brick giving Berserk a puppy eye because he wantes her to go to the dance with him so badly.

The danc

The 2nd annual dance was this night and everybody was asking someone. Boomer asked Bubbles very loud and clear if she wanted to go to the dance with him. Bubbles nodded yes and gave Boomer a high five. Butch asked Buttercup if he wanted to go with her but she said she didn't want to wear a girly dress. Butch said he didn't want to wear a manly tuxedo. Buttercup said she will ask her dad to give her a different kind of ouitfit. Blossom asked Dexter, (although she wasn't supposed to) and he said yes. Inferno gave Brat a present and asked Brat to the dance. Brat tried to act sassy and she said yes. Bert and Brute were just staring at each other. Bert took the confidence to ask Brute to the dance. Brute nodded yes. But Brick and Berserk were having a rough time. Brick always tried to get her attention to ask her to the dance but Berserk was so busy she didn't even notice him. Brick gave Berserk puppy eyes and Berserk finally agreed to go to the dance with him. They all had a happy time at the dance.

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