The powerhouse are a team of 3 children created by professor Matthew cog they have missions all over Huntsville to save all citizens and the city


When the professor wanted to create a new energy source he created chemical plus(a version of x that he believed was superior) with this he ended up adding sugar and spice..but then he added salt this element caused an explosion that destroyed his perfect energy...but created something different,there in front of him was the team of three..POWERHOUSE! Bea Bonnie and Brent..the best buddies EVER


  • Bonnie:Bonnie is the leader her main color is Brown(in that's not a girly color but whatever) Bonnie is honest and nice..though eventually she was manipulated into being princess morbucks servant..this angered her to the point where she defeated morbucks standing up to her,her hair is blonde and with pigtails(similar to brat)
  • Brent: The only boy in powerhouse he seems to differentiate himself from the girls who he is overshadowed by,Brent is calm and enjoys reading he also likes to play onto the computer his color is purple his hair is black with bangs
  • Bea:Bea is the second oldest next to Bonnie she has straight brown hair with a rainbow her color is a nice shade of red (maroon ish)


The powerhouse don't seem to like the ppg since they want to be there own heroes they are atleast jealous since the power puff girls had a "fun father",powerhouse has a strict disdain towards princess since she bullied Bonnie the RRB tend to bully Brent as they are disgusted that he'd want to be friends with girls..mojo has at times tried to extract there energy,at one point powerhouse will face a revived dick hardley

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