The ribbonpuff girls(aka the powerpop girls), are villains.they were created by HER.


Berserka:a mean ,selfish girl.she is blossom's equivalent.she wears messy ribbons like berserk,but hers is straighter.she wears a sleeveless hot pink shirt with an x on it.her skirt is red with zigzags.her hair is like berserk's.she wears mary janes.she also wears three red bangles on each arm.her color is blood red.

Bratty:a sassy,perky girl.she is bubbles' equivalent.she wears huge blue bows that are bigger than her pigtails.she wears a blue tank top with an x on it.her skirt is plaited and blue like a cheerleader skirt.she wears boots like brat.she wears blue bangles on each arm.her color is navy blue.

Brutish:a violent,destructive girl.she is buttercup's equivalent.she wears a ragged bow in her Mohawk.her attire is a green tank top with an x on it,two spike bracelets on each hand,fishnet stockings,two spike belts,and boots like brute's.her color is forest green.

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