Think your so clever!

The 17th episode of season 3 of the new PowerPuff Girls. Berserk and Blossom are both the champion mathmaticians in the class so they do the final test to see whos the real champion.


All the students did the math test today. Blossom and someone else were the only ones left to do the final test to see whos the real champion. Blossom hopes she wins the contest because she heard that you get $100 if you win. At recess she heard Berserk saying she also won the test an dwill also do the final contest. Brick told her shes way smarter than her and will totally win. Blossom blushes and hugs Brick. Bubbles and Buttercup say the same thing. Berserk and Blossom both arrive early to do the test. Blossom is sure she will win and gives Berserk a smirk and snorts. Berserk keeps on going and consontrating when the teacher grabbed the test from each one of them. The teacher says that Blossom got 90 %. Blossom is amazed of her score. The teacher says to Berserk that she got 100 % Blossom is shocked and leaves upset. Berserk laughs like a witch and holds up her $100. Blossom tells her sisters and The RowdyRuff Boys she failed and Berserk got the prize. Berserk knocks Blossom and says nice going loser and laughs again. But Blossom turns happy again when they each give her a present. She hugs all of them and says she will get Berserk next time.

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