This episode Mojo Jojo leaves the Rowdyruff Boys.

One day the RowdyRuff Boys went to Mojo's house and saw him build some sort of ray that will destroy the PowerPuff Girls once and for all.When the boys ask what it that,Mojo tells them a ray called the "PowerPuff Destruckto Ray-or PPDR for short".The RowdyRuff Boys say that they love them but much to Mojo's dislike of the PowerPuff Girls,he tells them a story of why he hates the PowerPuff Girls.The boys said that they still want them to be alive and they still did love them.Mojo is now angry and he chased the boys out of his lab and slams the door shut.The RowdyRuff Boys float away and sit on the park bench.Then a young woman wearing a yellow dress and yellow ballet shoes came to them and wanted to know what was the matter with them.The boys explained to her had happened between them and Mojo.The young woman introduces herself and said her name was Sasha.She came to Townsville to work for an ophanage thats called Child-R-Us.Mojo comes and  saw the RowdyRuff Boys talking to Sasha.He ignores them and keeps on doing.The PowerPuff Girls arrive and see the RowdyRuff Boys with Sasha.They ask kindly who she is and they also introjuced themselves.The RowdyRuff Boys tell them what just happened between them and Mojo.The girls feel very sorry for them.Then Blossom asks if Sasha has an apartment or a house that she and the RowdyRuff Boys can live in.Sasha says that she has a house that lives next to them.It has five bedrooms,a lounge.a sitting room,a dinig room,two bathrooms and a big kitchen.And from now on the RowdyRuff Boys live with their new adoptive mother Sasha.

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