Narrator: Some new faces at Professer Icky's Lair..... Earwax, nose hairs, and everything gross thes where hear to make the bad little boy and the Professer propously add Chamical X BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Professer Icky woke to see three little (will 9 year old boys) poking him with a stick. Hey! is he daed said the boy with dark green almost balck eyes No im not DEAD! yelled Professer Icky mad then takes the stick away. Yo! said the blood red eyed boy Im Brock. Sup said the dark green one the names Bert. Ay said the dark blue almost balck eyed boy said call me Beck. And together where the RowdyRunk Boys! got it! they all said. Yes yes my name is Professer Icky and im your father said Professer Icky.Yea and right who want you when your name says it all said Bert. They all start to laugh hard.

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