"I can't believe this..." Bubbles said, crying at a scen on the TV. Her favorite show "Princess" was one and the princess was on the ground dead. Bubbles started crying and looked up to see that the season was over. Buttercup jumped on the couch and took the romote from her. Bubbles glared at her and grabbed the romote from her hand. "What the heck, Buttercup!!!! I was WATCHING THAT!!!!!!!" Buttercup smirked and turned the TV on to a football game. "Who cares about that stupid, girly show! My football is way more important!" Bubbles groaned and made her way out the door. She hated when Buttercup budged in when she was watching her show. Bubbles grabbed a stick and drew her name in the dirt. Bored, she cracked the stick with her super strength and threw it in the air. As the stick hit the ground, she heard a scream coming from it. Bubbles yelled at the ground and some neighbors thought she was crazy. She brought a shovel out and kept digging until she found something. She hit someones head and the person screamed "ow!" The strange person cme up and to Bubbles suprise..... it was a princess. TO BE CONTINUED AND WATCH OUT FOR PART 2!!!!!

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