Undercover Bubbles

The 7th episode of season 4. Bubbles spys on Brat to see if she is doing anything evil.


Bubbles is first seen talking with her sisters and The RowdyRuff Boys about Brat. Brick said she escaped jail and is wanted. He asks if anybody wants to go undercover to see if Brat is doing anything mysterious. Bubbles is picked because Brat and her are both counterparts. Bubbles asks if Boomer can come along but Blossom says he has to stay because hes going to important things. Bubbles goes downtown to see if Brat is there. She spots her going into a jewlary store. Bubbles rolls to the entering of the candy shop. She tells Boomer on the walkie talkie that Brat just went into a candy shop. Brat starts to choke the cashier with her bangle. She starts to steal all of the blue candy. Bubbles rolls in and starts to fight her. Bubbles won the fight and told Boomer that he put Brat back in jail again. She went home to celebrate.

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