the party dont start till i fly in.....

The 61st episode of the series and the 20th episode of Season 3. One day while the Rowdyruff boys and the Powerpunk girls are fighting, Butch accidentally tears off one of Brat's pigtails. She gets very upset about this. Her sisters are feeling pity for her. They decide to cheer her up by making her wish come true - The destruction of the Powerpuff girls. So Brute and Berserk are trying to catch Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup behind their backs. But all of their plans are failing by chance.


The episode starts with the Rowdyruff boys and Powerpuff girls fighting the Punks. But things start getting terrible. Brat hits Butch in the face hard and smashs him into a wall. Angry, Butch pulls off Brats pigtail. In defeat, Brat starts crying and the Powerpuff girls with the Rowdyruff boys fly away. When the Punks got home Brat layed down on the couch and cried more. Berserk and Brute for sad for her sister, Brat, and angry at the Powerpuff girls and the Rowdyruff boys. Berserk lit up with a idea and told Brute her plan. The plan was to cheer Brat up by planning universal domination. Brute nodded with a evil smile and they went over to cheer Brat up. Brat was pleased. VERY pleased. At Townsville, they wrecked probably the whole city to pieces. Brat felt happier now and hugged her two sisters hard until the Powerpuff girls and Rowdyruff boys came. They saved the day again! The punks plan failed and they went to juvi for their damage to Townsville. Brat started crying again in their juvi room.

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