Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were fighting a huge monster and (of course) they were winning. After defeating the monster, the girls slammed on their couch and fell asleep. The hotline rang and nobody answered it. The monster was destroying everything and none of the powerpuff girls went after it. The next morning, the Mayor called and Blossom picked it up this time. On the phone, the Mayor sounded frustrated. "Where were you girls last night?!" Blossom frowned and told they Mayor they quit. Buttercup and Bubbles started jumping on the couch, freeily. Blossom cheered and went up to her room. The next day, the Mayor called again in a bigger panic. None of the Girls picked up the phone so the Mayor hung up. Every single day he tried the samething but nothing. The next week, the Girls came to the mayors office and told them why they quit. Blossom answered, "We are too old enough now to fight crime. Pass on the legend to someone else." As told, the Mayor did so. He found millions of superheroes to take th job but none of them were like the puffs. The Mayor came up with an idea to save Townsville his self. He went to the Professors lab and asked for a super suit. Hour later, the Mayor came out with a new suit saying "Super Mayor." Super Mayor destroyed the monster and saved the town. The Girls looked out the window and said, "Super Mayor can do the job!"

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