The episode begins when The RowdyRunk Boys Fly to school. Brock is still depressed of Berserk dumping him, Beck angry that Brat dumped him and Bert happy for still being with Brute. We first follow Brock when he flys into school. First Brick gives Brock a wet willy. Then gets triped by his ex. Gets an F on his social studies class. To make matters worse he can't open his locker now his going to miss his English class. On the other side Bonnie notices this and opens his locker. Brock tries to say thanks but can't. Bonnie quickly notices this and asks him what was the matter. Brock in depression can't say a thing. About to miss her Drama class Bonnie quickly leaves.

Meanwhile with Beck anger is the only emotion he feels. He skips classes and tries to hurt Inferno. But changes his mind and goes outside of school to graffiti. He tries to get the spray can out of his locker. He sneaks outside and makes sure no one was around.Beck tries to do it but cant. He then gets mad at him self and kicks the wall. Some rabbit is watching and he yells and it. Seeing the whole thing Bambi flys to help him. She tries to talk to him but he won't listen.

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