Season 6 Episode 2!

In this episode Brat gets upset when eveybody isn't paying attention or listening to her. Basically ignoring her, her pasence level had reached its peak when her boyfriend also ignoring her. So, she ran away towards the forest. Meanwhile back to the others, Berserk notices Brat's letter telling everybody that she's had enough of being ignored. She said that since everybody were pretending she doesn't exist, she might as well make their dreams come true. Berserk called Brute, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Boomer, Butch, and Brick to help look for her. Butch remarked that it'll a whole lot easier for everybody that's she's now gone. Brute AND Buttercup both started beating for saying something so heartless. Berserk remarked that everyone was to hard on her, and that's everyone's fault as well as her's and Brute's. Even though they don't show they really DO love Brat and each other. Brute said even though Brat can be a pain in the ass sometime's, but that's just because she feels left out sometimes. Berserk also said that when others are around she acts all though, but when she thinks nobody is around she breaks down just Bubbles does. Brute says they accidently heard her crying one day, Berserk was about to beat some sense into her but Brute held her back, saying that she needs a good cry once in while. Just like everybody else does. Everybody has looked everywhere for Brat but couldn't find her. Blossom said that she might have gone into the forest, so everybody split off with their respected counterparts (Minus Brat) to search for her.

Meanwhile, Brat was walking aimlessly around the forest whitout a clue of what to do. She normaly had her sisters with her, but not now. She started to get tired, she found a huge cave at the side of the cliff and went in and promeblty fell asleep.

The others were all searching for her (Reds-North, Greens-South, and Blues-East) till Bubbles and Boomer found the cave went to check it out and found Brat there. They quickly found everyone, and they all went into the cave. Because of all the noise Brat woke up find her sisters, the Puffs, and the Ruffs standing a few feet away from her. She snidly remarked how they all looked like crap. The Berserk and Brute did something that surprised everyone including Brat, they tackled her to the ground with tears in their eyes and saying how sorry they were. Everybody then apoligised for ignoring her. She said that it won't be the same without all you freaks around me. In Brat language she said that she missed them too, and that she was sorry for leaving. They all flew to respected homes.

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