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after they hear the ppgs

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the girls are just walking down the park alone when they see a well.

blossom: guys take a penny, lets all make a wish.

bubbles and buttercup agree and they all make a wish. bubble wishes she could have the newest dress in store. blossom wishes if she could have sherlock homes book. buttercup wishes she gets the new ripstick in store. they all close their eyes and drop the coins. soon after 10 seconds all their items come majicly in thier hands.

buttercup: oh my god. my ripstick!

bubbles: ahhhh my dress! :)

blossom: yes! my sherlock homes book.

they all say this is so cool. but they dont realize these stuff are stollen. when they are at home enjoying their things the tv said three things were stollen. the dress the skateboard and the book. they all say this is not good. they check inside the well and it looks like it was the powerpunks fault. they heard what they wanted and did it in 10 seconds. they explained every thing to the copps and just drop the ppnks at home.

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